Inspired by luxuriant nature of Vietnam, this line highlights the artof engraving, with motifs representing tropical vegetation, which is abundant in Asia.
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“Echoes”, inspired by the charm of iron window grills which used to be popular in Hanoi’s old quarter, is the most elegant product line of 2019’s collection. It boasts a traditional yet contemporary beauty thanks to the new technique of inlaying brass into lacquered wood.
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Dance of freedom
The 2019’s Art of Lacquer Silk collection is considered a game of shapes highlighting the minimalist style. With elements of ease and polish, femininity and practicality, and a sense of grown-up sophistication, this collection features a great combination of lacquer silk and natural satin to create a touch of elegance at the collar and the sleeves. The 2019’s collection also introduces the first ever hand-bag line, praising the mysterious drapes of lacquer silk, which goes well with dresses and coats from last season.
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Hang Dong
Exotic is the main product line of the Tet season in 2019. The exquisite hand-painting technique has successfully illustrated a spring garden filled with colorful butterflies flying around lily flowers.
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