Summer Scent
From purple, to green, to a warm shade of pink, Summer Scent express a fresh spirit, an intense vitality, and a contemporary beauty alongside traditional charm.
Luxurious and elegant with two noble colors – Burgundy and deep purple, with sturdy form and texture, Vigor is considered the most impeccable invitation to celebrate the New Year.
Nebula, clouds of purple that colors this expansive universe, sprinkles by gleaming, silver dusts on top of lacquer. The skillful blend of hand-drawing and color gradient creates interesting light spots, bringing with it an illusive and brilliant beauty to this product line.
Inspired by the phases of the moon, Moonbeam is a youthful and dynamic product line characterized by its variety of functions.
Our story

Art and design can’t live without craft. Hanoia relies on the passion of its craftsmen and designers to build its own lacquerware expression. Hanoia was first established in 1997 in Binh Duong Province, near Saigon, in the historical lacquer village since the 14th century.

World of Hanoia