Warranty Policy
Product warranty period:

The warranty period is valid from the time the customer purchased the product (Based on the invoice) .

  • Home decor: 12 months. Electronic accessories are warranted within 6 months.
  • Furniture: 24 months.
  • Jewelry : 6 months.
  • Clothing and Souvenir: no warranty.
Warranty conditions:

- The product is still in the warranty period.
- The product is accompanied by a valid purchase invoice.

Warranty refusal conditions:

- The product does not come with a warranty card or a valid purchase invoice.
- The warranty period has expired.
- Discounted products.
- Products scratch or damage caused by customers during use.
- The product is not being used in accordance with Hanoia instruction of use, causing damage.
- The product has been changed or fixed not by Hanoia.
- Damages caused by insects and animals.
- The force majeure damages caused by natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, etc.
- Natural wear and tear during use.

Scope of warranty:

- Hanoia only warrants for products that are damaged due to manufacturer or material errors.
- Home décor items are warranted for defects such as visible connecting joints on the lacquer surface, discoloration, oxidation of accessories, disjointedness of accessories due to unsatisfactory manufacturing technique.
- Jewelry items are warranted for faults such as oxidation of material, disjointedness of accessories or breakage of product latch.
- Furniture items are warranted for defects such as warping, cracking, wood termites, disjointedness or oxidation of accessories.

Warranty process:
  • Step 1: Customer brings items along with the valid purchase invoice to Hanoia store.

  • Step 2 : Hanoia is responsible for examining the product, identifying the warranty coverage according to brand policy.
    - For products within the warranty scope, it is Hanoia’s decision to repair the defect, exchange for a new product or refund the customer.
    - For products not covered by the warranty, in case customers want to repair, Hanoia will inform the repair fee and get the customer’s consent before performing the repair.

  • Step 3: Hanoia checks products within 02 (two) working days and notifying customers of the delivery time.

Note: If the return products do not fulfill any of the above-stated requirements, the warranty request would be rejected and sent back to the customers. For your convenience, please make sure to check all the conditions as stated above before proceeding to warranty.

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