A journey back to your true's self  

 Coming back home brings peace to the soul 

The Nội collection draws its inspiration from the profound bond between humans and nature, showcasing a palette of images, hues, and shades that reflect the allure of the natural world, the vibrancy of city life, and the serene depths of our inner thoughts. It captures the essence of these diverse influences through a series of subdued tones and distinctive patterns, crafted by Hanoia to deliver a memorable experience to the collection. 

Each tale illuminating the creative wellspring behind this collection will unfurl gradually, providing a novel viewpoint on the artistry of existence. 


A journey to distant lands unfolds countless new and exhilarating encounters, yet no matter how faraway our travels, there remain instants when we yearn for the comfort of the familiar.  

The Tiger Shrike bird, free and unburdened, embodies the essence of Homecoming product line 

The Homecoming series adopts the small but elegant Tiger Shrike as an emblem of the tranquility and comfort found in coming back to one's roots, reacquainting with the known, and a self-reawakening. 


Rediscovering oneself entails comprehending and forging a profound connection with the innermost essence. The contemplative nature of Mindfulness, which draws inspiration from the art of rock balancing, acts as a beacon of internal serenity, offering a tranquil respite amidst the hustle of city life. 

Balance fosters tranquility within your inner realm  


Amidst life’s frantic pace, pause momentarily to behold the nature’s exquisite beauty. Crafted with the deft strokes of seasoned craftsmen, it reveals a serene lotus garden that enchants and soothes, making one wish to linger indefinitely. The progression of lotus blossoms, from their initial buds to their full splendor, symbolizes a journey towards inner serenity and calm.

Awakening, with its distinctive hues, blooms into a resplendent lotus garden 

Nét vẽ duyên dáng đầy thân thuộc của Lys Bui đã lưu lại hình ảnh nơi góc phố Hà Nội thơ mộng trên loạt thiết kế của Thong Dong. Giữa bức tường vôi ánh nhẹ màu nắng, ta được hòa vào nhịp sống chậm rãi, thảnh thơi trong lòng những con hẻm - nơi ồn ã tiếng xe máy lướt qua, nơi vang vọng tiếng rao của gánh hàng rong, nơi xì xào tiếng trò chuyện bên ly cà phê nhỏ... Đặc biệt, chi tiết cột điện chính là điểm kết nối vô cùng sáng tạo giữa các khối hình, tạo chuyển động xoay vòng đầy sống động trên toàn bề mặt sản phẩm.


Hanoia has once more captured the grandeur of Ha Long Bay's mountains with the Islet product line.  

Nature’s beauty unfolds in elegant simplicity. 

The quintessential view of limestone peaks mirrored in the jade-green sea is rendered in a simplified yet vivid, colorful tableau. This fresh perspective on Ha Long, with its distinctive traits, inspires profound and lasting feelings. 


Lys Bui is celebrated for her intricate and lively illustrations that depict urban narratives. Her artwork masterfully encapsulates the essence of urban life, resonating through well-known landscapes and the city's ambiance. 

Lys Bui, once captured the historic charm of Hanoi's Old Quarter, now channels her affection for Saigon in the new version of Thong Dong product line. She depicts the city's lively atmosphere at dawn using deep blue tones, where old, time-worn houses stand among contemporary, imposing structures. Strolling through the streets, one can easily envision the lively symphony of car horns, bustling roads, local eateries, and the calls of the night hawkers. Through these everyday scenes, the spirit of Saigon is powerfully and evocatively conveyed. 

Saigon stirs in the twilight’s embrace. 

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