The naturescape stir deep emotion within  

The Reunion and Terrace product lines are living artworks, imbued with the essence of nature. They gently remind us of the diverse beauty that graces our world. These exquisite lacquerwares not only adorn our spaces but also inspire us to forge deeper connections with nature and cherish life’s most meaningful moments


Within the vast inner world of each individual, there lies a small, familiar corner—a sanctuary where warm moments with family are tenderly preserved.

These cherished memories of family gatherings serve as the creative muse behind the Reunion product line. As we gaze upon the moonlit lacquer products, a flood of clear recollections washes over us, transporting us back to those precious times. 

A radiant and vibrant Reunion under the morning sun

The warm hues of the Reunion preserve the cherished memories of the gatherings


The breathtaking beauty of mountainous landscapes and golden terraced rice fields, bathed in sunlight, has inspired the creation of the Terrace product line.

Each layer of these verdant green rice fields is adorned with vibrant yellow hues, resulting in a masterpiece that harmoniously blends the artistry of nature and human cultivation. When observed from above, the stepped rice terraces assume a simplified yet captivating form, resembling colorful blocks that create a striking contemporary visual effect.

Terrace is inspired from the vibrant hues of ethnic costumes in Vietnam's northern highlands

Và Flâneur Sài Gòn khắc họa thành phố qua lời bài hát "Sài Gòn đẹp lắm" tươi vui và rộn rã. Ghé thăm phố cũ thân thương trong tiếng nhạc khơi gợi nhiều cảm tình chắc chắn sẽ mang tới trong ta nhiều hoài niệm khó quên.   

Một phần Flâneur được tạo nên từ cuộc sống nhộn nhịp của Sài Gòn

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