What is Hanoia in your eyes?

Hanoia in our eyes reflects the uniqueness of Vietnamese traditional materials and the charm of decorative patterns symbolizing Eastern culture. What is Hanoia in your eyes?

From 9th to 23th August 2018, you are invited to partake in “Hanoia in your eyes” contest to win an attractive prize worth VND2,000,000 from Hanoia.

 It’s very simple. You just take pictures with your Hanoia’s pieces with your own caption and post them on your profile with hashtag #hanoia, #myhanoia, #hanoiainmyeyes.
 At 24th August, 02 prizes will be given to the one which brings the most interactions and the one chosen by Hanoia.

Please noted that all pictures you give to us can be use as Hanoia’s marketing materials for further time.

Let’s celebrate a remarkable summer with Hanoia!

Mùa hè, những chuyến đi và Hanoia

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