Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen

Designer/ Owner
Thuy Design House

Born in Hanoi in a traditional family, Thuy Nguyen inherits the characteristics and beauty of a North Vietnamese woman: gentle, feminine, and devoted to taking care of her husband and children. Being a painter, she comes to fashion as a matter of course. She founded Thuy Design House brand in 2011 with the desire to show beauty through another form of art. Her designs are imprinted with paintings on silk and brocade materials, with many inspirations from nature. From the flowers, the colours, the cuts that are hard to discern, and most importantly the curves of the female body, she has succeeded in praising the beauty of modern, dynamic women, and make a mark on her own.

Keeping tradition to become modern

Born in Hanoi, living for many years in Ukraine, entering the fashion world with the dreamy mind of an artist, Thuy Nguyen – the owner of Thuy Design House – has used traditional values to honour the beauty of the modern women.

1. What are the similarities and differences between painting and fashion? Can you share the advantage of a painter doing fashion?

Painting and fashion are two different forms of art expression. If painting is 2D art, fashion is 3D and applicable art. For example, a picture needs to have colours and layout, a dress or a shirt is also a combination of many rectangles or triangles. Painting is the root from which to create fashion applications. We always have the feeling that painting is something sublime and distant, but when painting is applied in fashion, it becomes familiar. We find our egos in it, we reunite childhood, reunite familiar culture of the Northern Delta, even faces, moments somewhere in our life. It makes us really vibrate and that is the connection between painting and fashion.

Coming to fashion from painting, the biggest advantage for me is the layout and the colour, since these two elements are expressed equally in both art forms. However, the artist can be proactive with his painting, but the fashion designer must rely on the wearer’s body to create a suitable 3D canvas, contributing to honour the beauty that needs to show and to cleverly hide sensitive parts. Fashion canvas is a living canvas that needs to be studied in a different way, but certainly, it will be more perfect and unique when the designer is also a painter.

❝ My love for traditional values is simple and natural

❝ I just call the root is tradition. We must preserve and develop it

2. Through the Thuy Design House brand, it is clear about your love for traditional values, such as traditional motifs or traditional materials (silk, brocade). So what does the traditional values mean to you and how have you preserved and harmonized them in today’s life?

My love for traditional values is simple and natural, like it is in my heart, in me, when I do fashion, it just flows out. I don’t have to put in effort, try, imitate someone or follow a trend. Traditional materials such as silk, brocade, lacquer, embroidery, etc. have been with me for many years, I see them every day. It motivates me to preserve them, incorporate them in modern life and keep them for next generations.

However, love is easy, it is difficult to develop these traditional values. I know a lot of people who sympathize with my story and are looking for preserving traditional values day and night. I often use myself as an example. I like these shapes, these patterns, many other people probably have the same opinion. Then we have to put in more effort to renew them, to make them more contemporary. Then, they will have the opportunity to develop and integrate.

3. In your opinion, what are modern women, what do they want and what their preferences are?

From the point of view of a woman who sees myself as modern, I think modernity must come from tradition. Just as the tree that wants to grow needs roots, the man who wants to grow must have education. Without root, how to have tops. I just call the root is tradition. We must preserve and develop it. If we lose it, until the trend is gone, what do we take to become modern.

4. Does a modern woman like you spend a lot of time decorating the house? What are your priorities in choosing furniture?

I can say that I am a home decor enthusiast and I spend the most time on this fun. For me, the living space affects a lot of emotions. Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, spring, summer, autumn, winter, each moment brings me different home decoration inspiration. Houses in Hanoi, houses in Saigon, and houses by the beach cannot be stereotyped. It needs to show the personality of its owner and to me that is very important. We only really live when we go home, sit on our bed, watch our TV, contemplate our living room … That’s why, the flowers we put in, the curtains we hang, or the tea set we buy, thought it was very simple, but it was actually very important. They can make me happy, emotional, and I can freely mix and match them according to my wishes. In my house, I am the artist. No one has the right to criticize me, and no one can force me to follow a stereotypical style.

In addition, while decorating the house, my children can learn more to think creatively, take care of themselves and refresh their lives. All our life we only build a house once, but change a bed, add a cupboard, buy small things in the kitchen, we can do every day. And I call it is happiness.

I don’t really prioritize when choosing furniture, but now there are so many new technologies, new materials, why don’t we enjoy those beautiful creations, bring them home to change our living space and renewing ourself.

5. If there was a wish for modern women, and you are a representative, what would it be and why?

I am a person with many layers, many colours so I always want to live more, love more, work more and experience more. Each of us is given 24 hours a day, but with the same amount of time, some people can do thousands of useful jobs, others can do nothing. If we can manage our time, manage our own lives, then everything will be great. Therefore, if I have one wish, I wish I had 48 hours or even more.

❝ I am a person with many layers, many colours