The foreman of Hanoia

The aesthetic spirit of Hanoia has met the deep emotion which inspired Vespa. From a super-premium scooter, the most talented craftsmen of Hanoia made it into an exclusive work of art.

 The foreman of Hanoia

Almost craftsmen of Hanoia come from the two historical lacquer villages of Vietnam dating back 300–500 years, Tuong Binh Hiep in the South and Ha Thai in the North. They inherit lacquer’s know-how from their ancestors. Growing up in the world of lacquerware – vase, pot, tray, box, jewelry…, they learn the patience and traditional techniques – colouring and sanding, engraving and eggshell inlay since their childhood.

Craftsman Ty – foreman of Hanoia is considered a “treasure” of Vietnamese traditional lacquerware or a “living handbook” of ancient techniques. As a magician, he has created a contemporary lacquer world full of inspiration. Lacquer has become his family, for more than 40 years.

Craftsman Ty – foreman of Hanoi

Hanoia’s craftsmen had at least 10 years working experience in traditional lacquer villages. After joining Hanoia’s workshop, they were trained by craftsman Ty who had shared with them the skills and the passion for the art of lacquerware. Thanks to their craftsmanship of excellence, their endless emotion and their know-how, Hanoia’s products are known for their exceptional quality and charming elegance.

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