Known as “the queen of all varieties of silk”, lacquer silk remained the pride of Tan Chau silk village at the turn of the last century. In its golden age, this very rare fabric was only reserved for ladies of wealthy and noble families.

Lacquer silk is made of the finest silk threads from Bao Loc (Lam Dong) and dyed in black by the sap of diospyros mollis fruit, which represent the nature of quintessence. This silk rests its ultimate quality in its long and sophisticated craft making process which is handed down from generation to generation.

Lacquer silk has matte and brilliant surfaces. The silk is soft, shiny black and glossier throughout the time. Wearing this magical fabric, you will enjoy the smoothness of the silk and the fragrance of diospyros mollis fruit. You will also feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Especially, lacquer silk has the effect of leather, paper and silk on the same surface. Therefore, it is named lacquer silk.