Young people have a burning desire to express themselves and chase their dreams and ambitions. Of course, not everyone can succeed at the beginning, not everyone is brave enough to overcome the uncertainty when standing at the crossroads. Of course, there are many young people who find themselves lost in the crowd, feeling lonely in noisy streets or in the arms of their lovers.

However, there are also many young people who don’t feel anxious at the threshold of life. They know how to build themselves a surprisingly beautiful inner world. If we are superficial and in a hurry, we certainly won’t be patient and subtle enough to recognize it. 

But if we are sincere and sympathetic, we will see their rich inner world with multifaceted forms. If you want to meet such young people, don’t miss the stories below. Maybe one day, you will find yourself in these stories, and understand that the loud scream in your soul may leave a clear and resounding echo. For nothing else but to find yourself not alone, and then, take a deep breath before stepping forward on the path you have chosen.

Artistic Director: Daoonclouds
Photographer: Peter Vu
Model: Hanoia team
Stylist: Tra Duong
Make-up artist: An Nguyen