“Hanoia’s lacquerware – from inspiration to reality” exhibition

Come to experience how a Hanoia’s lacquerware was created through its amazing visual expressions!

The unique shapes, the splendid colors, the decorative patterns symbolizing Eastern culture… Each Hanoia’s product has gone through many stages which require the passion and the creativity of the designers, as well as the patience, the concentration and the skills of the craftsmen to make its own character.

“Hanoia’s lacquerware – from inspiration to reality” exhibition will be held from Wednesday 25th July to Monday 30th July 2018 at Hanoia House, 38 Hang Dao street. You will have the chance to discover the making process of a Hanoia’s lacquerware, its inspiration, its choice of materials, its traditional know-how and its technical breakthroughs.

Open for free
Time: From 9AM – 8PM, 25 Jul 2018 – 30 Jul 2018
Location: Hanoia House, 38 Hang Dao, Hanoi

Join our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2087729924777721/

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