Hanoia “Summer Travel kit” specials

Summer is the season of travelling. Are you seeking to relish a family vacation, a trip to an exotic place with your closest friends, or a getaway from your busy daily routine? Expect the unexpected – what does Hanoia have to offer this summer?

As you prepare to go on a trip, a lot of things are to be deliberated – time, budget, health, itinerary, destinations, and so on – yet you could never leave out some personal belongings that are essential to your journey. For example, they could be the functional utensils for your family, matching accessories with your loved one, or a precious beauty bag to keep you glowing throughout the trip. This summer, Hanoia is delighted to introduce its exclusive travel kit.

When it comes to exploring the world, don’t forget to bring the fashionable, yet convenient, travel kit of Hanoia as your companion!
Hanoia provides you with a wide selection of travel essentials that are customized to your own needs, namely “Best friends kit”, “Family kit”, “Beach kit”, and “Beauty personal kit”. No matter who you are travelling with and for what purposes, Hanoia’s travel kits will accompany you as your cooperative assistants that make every trip so memorable.

Especially, when you purchase the whole kit, you will get a 30% discount of the original price.
Don’t hesitate to visit Hanoia’s boutiques to leverage your travel experience!

Explore the “Travel kit” here: https://bit.ly/2zS1W9d

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