Hanoia Repair Service

Introducing Hanoia Repair Service, dedicated to giving your beloved lacquerware the second chance it deserves. 

Our mission is to extend the life of luxury. Hanoia restores and revives damaged products that are out-of-warranty. Be it a scratch, a crack, or a breakage, all Hanoia lacquerware can be subject to repair and freshened up.

Repair cost will be calculated based on defect classification and product value.

The repair process starts from product pickup; damage assessment and classification; repair at the atelier and finishes when the product is delivered to the customer.  Within 48 hours from pickup, our staff will reply about the assessment result and estimated repair cost.Upon the customer’s consent to proceed, the repair process at the atelier shall take up no more than 7 weeks. The final product is assessed one last time before handing over to the customer. 

Please contact us for further information!

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