From the elegant mini-birkin to the unique lacquered lamp line

Hanoia by Couli Jobert lamp line owns its special feature to the harmonious combination of lacquer, brass and bamboo techniques.

You may not know the newly launched lacquered lamp line by Hanoia, but you’ve probably heard of the mini-birkin bag as a pride of the world’s leading fashion house Hermès. The author of these works is Couli Jobert. She created the mini-birkin while working as Leather Art Director for Hermès fashion house. Later, when collaborating with Hanoia, the premium craft house in Vietnam, she also gave birth to a lacquered lamp line, inspired by the Art Deco school of the 20th century and her personal feelings about Vietnamese culture.

For the fashionistas worldwide, the mini-birkin is the symbol of luxury and elegance. But Couli Jobert is a simple lady. She has created the sophistication from the simplicity. The mini-birkin was originally designed so that a woman could carry an apple and maintain her appetite for this fruit every day. Hanoia by Couli Jobert is similar. The role of lighting in home décor was visualized by familiar traditional materials such as: lacquer, brass, do paper, bamboo…

You will discover the contrast between the strong and soft, the deep and light in this product line, through an interesting encounter of the unique shape of Hanoia’s tea box and the poetic and charming image of bird cages hanging on the street. The combination of slender and rustic bamboo sticks and solid brass rims, of deep and shiny lacquered surface and soft do paper has made unique pieces of art named Hanoia by Couli Jobert.

Hanoia by Couli Jobert is an exclusive collaboration between famous French designer Couli Jobert and Hanoia lacquer brand. Behind the elegant beauty is the sophistication of traditional craftsmanship. The base of the lamp is lacquered with smooth sanding in shiny blue or with scratch sanding which reveals many layers of overlapping colors. The bamboo work is realized by craftsmen from Vac village, who have dedicated their whole life to making bird cages. The lamp rim, made of brass, is also crafted with care to ensure the harmony and solidity of the product.

Hanoia by Couli Jobert is a limited edition. With two color options – shiny blue and mysterious moonlight, this lamp collection will add an unforgettable touch to your living space.

Hanoia House – 38 Hàng Đào, Hà Nội
Hanoia Đông Du – 15 Đông Du, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

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