Florian Nguyen

Credit to: Guillaume Lechat
Florian is an young artist born in 1988 ; with a quill pen, he dances on pure paper to make appear drawings filled with details.

Origin of Vietnam, his grand-parents left the country in 1950s – he finds recently the charm of his root. His latest exhibition « memory and oblivion » held at French Institute in Saigon (June 2016) was highly appreciated so that he decided to temporarily abandon the hustle and bustle of district 10 in Paris to settle himself in Ho Chi Minh city since October 2016. A chance to discover once again his talent in futur artistic projects in Vietnam.

« My grand-parents left Vietnam when they were very small. I asked them to tell me one after another their childhood memories in Vietnam. What remains deep in their heart, what made them changing. I also questionned myself on the process of memorization and reviving a memory. I decided to re-transcribe by drawing the memory they had entrusted to me, not on the quest for accuracy but based on my feeling. »
Florian Nguyen

Next exhibition in Hanoi at L’Espace Hanoi –  From April 21st to  June 6th 2017


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