Customizing lacquer furniture: easy or difficult?

In order to create unique lacquer pieces that bring a personality to each living space, Hanoia has offered its customization service, giving the guests the chance to participate in the design process, based on models available in its collection.

Crafting lacquer furniture is hard, crafting it on individual requirements is even harder. However, Hanoia still wants to offer this service to its customers because their requirements are extremely true. Who among us doesn’t dream of having a home with our own identity?
Hand-made remains the advantage of Hanoia, the leading premium craftsmanship house in Vietnam. Hanoia’s products are mostly hand-crafted with meticulous care in every detail. That’s why, Hanoia’s craftsmen get used to adjusting each production step. They are diligent, passionate, eager to learn. They make lacquer with love from their ancestors and also want to create unique art pieces.

Visitors to Hanoia’s showroom at 61 Trang Tien can see with their own eyes many designs for the living room, dining room and bedroom, ranging from sofas, chairs, dining tables, beds… to consoles, side-tables, cabinets, bookcases, lamps. Based on these available models, Hanoia has provided side adjustment to fit different living spaces. In addition, customers can also choose the materials and colors for lamps and sofas’ upholstery, as well as the lacquer’s colors, according to the catalog offered by Hanoia. In case customers have already had their favorite designs, Hanoia is willing to sit down with them to agree on solutions applying their designs on lacquer. Of course, the manufacturing time takes longer than normal adjustments.

The customization service for lacquer furniture by Hanoia has received the attention of a large number of customers. The lacquer furniture itself has a charming beauty, when combined in harmony with the overall interiors, it will stand out and impress people at their first sight. In addition, customization service allows to solve the problem of feng shui, which plays a key role in the Vietnamese tradition of home design.
For those who have a strong passion for lacquer art, or want their room to be filled with modernity and tradition, comfort and charm, the customization service by Hanoia is an option to consider.

Hanoia showroom
61 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi

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