Best close-up furniture pieces by Hanoia

Hanoia premium craft house has just launched a new lacquered furniture collection with a variety of products for the living room, dining room and bedroom, featuring a unique design style which is retro and elegant, energetic and modern, very Western but with a touch of Oriental mystery. Let’s discover the most sophisticated pieces below.

Those who have a true love for lacquer must be deeply touched by the new furniture collection by Hanoia. Its elegant, noble but still youthful and modern look will satisfy anyone who want to build their house into a peaceful and happy place.

You can add a highlight to your living space with the following furniture pieces.

Console “Lanky”

With a slender shape inspired by Asian folding hand fans, this console creates an extremely charming touch to adorn the entrance of your house while serving as a place to store some small things like key, wallet etc. The scratch sanding effect is applied on the entire surface, both inside and outside, including the drawer, which makes the lacquer layer smoother and more elegant. You can put a flower vase on this console, or hang a beautiful painting above to impress your visitors at their first sight.

Sofa “Classy”

Imagine this sofa in your living room. How elegant it is! Sofa is the most elaborate furniture piece by Hanoia’s craftsmen, because it requires a precise and harmonious coordination between many components and materials. It isn’t easy to create the H-shaped back and the smooth lacquer featuring the unique scratch sanding effect, resulted from an extremely careful handmade process of the craftsmen.

Coffee table “Mystery”

Coupled with the sofa “Classy” is the charming coffee table “Mystery”, with a round shape stimulating the mysterious beauty of the sky, the galaxy, the nature. The excellent mother-of-pearl inlay technique is showcased to the fullest. Hanoia’s craftsmen meticulously selected the shape, the color and the size of each mother-of-pearl to ensure the uniformity. Then, they randomly arranged these mother-of-pearl pieces from high to low density so that they harmoniously blended together. Finally, they dyed these mother-of-pearl pieces according to their personal feelings to create rich color bands to complete a romantic night sky picture.

Dining table “Savory”
It seems that this dining table makes your meal subtler and more appealing. Table “Savory” remains a model of elegance in every details. The technique of wood veneer in fan-shaped pattern breaks the monotony of lacquer on table’s surface and brings nice surprises. This is also a difficult technique because all wood pieces must be connected and the colors match together to create a large and harmonious surface. Any errors occurred during wood veneer process lead to having to be removed and redone from the beginning. There is no doubt that what is called art can’t be achieved easily.

Cabinet “Silky”
Your private living space can become more cozy and intimate thanks to some decorative pieces such as cabinet “Silky”. Boasting the classic elegance of the cupboard in the 1980s, Cabinet “Silky” was inspired by the stylized H letter with the body as delicate as a soft silk band. The carpentry technique brings out the texture of the wood grain, creating a harmony with the smooth lacquer. In particular, the stylized handle gives a lovely look.

Lamp “Sunny”

This lamp is considered a unique sculpture work featuring a contemporary spirit. It can be used to decorate the bedroom, the living room or the dining room. This is a very daring design when using metal pieces to form the shape, and a big challenge for craftsmen who have to apply lacquer techniques on curved metal surfaces. But it gives an unexpected result. Lamp “Sunny” is an exclusive work of art of Hanoia, inspired by the stylized H letter. It also remains the pride of French designer Richard Le Sand, author of Hanoia’s lacquered furniture.

Come to discover Hanoia’s lacquered furniture collection at Hanoia showroom 61 Trang Tien.



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