Art of living

Home Décor

The charm of old doors and windows with elegant wooden mullions and iron grills remains a part of travelers’ memory. Continuing this inspiration, “Echoes” in 2020 honors the elegance and the sophistication with the presence of many new products.

It boasts a traditional yet contemporary beauty thanks to the brass inlay technique in lacquered wood


“Garden” in 2020 brings you into a spring garden filled with the pure fragrance of frangipani and magnolia flowers.

The technique of hand-painting on lacquer reaches its peak when portraying the delicate and noble beauty of the magnolia petals or the charm of frangipani flowers in full bloom.

Continuing the inspiration from the contemporary art represented by abstract painters, the 2019 Color line features two main hues: the warm and the cool. In addition to the products of the previous season, such as triptych, round tray, tea box, macaron box…, the 2019 Color line has been completed with the wine tool set, 2-compartment box, small round box and the unique monochrome round trays which can be displayed on the brass legs to create an elegant touch in the living room as distinctive coffee tables.
Red River
“Red River” recalls the reddish-orange hue of sunset spreading over the Red River, blended with silver clouds. This charming landscape picture was realized by a special sanding technique on multiple layers of copper dyed silver to reveal multicolored fragments.
“Kingfisher” was inspired by the most sophisticated Chinese art of jewelry making, which inlaid the feather of kingfisher into jewelry to create splendid and long-lasting colors. On the polished lacquered brass, the hand-painted kingfisher feather pattern shows its subtle beauty in different colors.
The technique of rattan inlay on lacquer creates a strong contrast between the deep background of lacquer and the natural color of rattan, making “Shine” a beam of light sparkling in the air, radiating a beauty that is both mysterious and elegant.
In Praise Of Stone’s Beauty, "Mountain" In 2020 Features A Full Set Of Unique And Luxurious Bathroom Amenities. Its Elegance And Relaxation Come From The Crystal White Stone, The Mysterious Blue And Green Lacquer, Which Are Perfectly Blended With The Sophisticated Brass Decoration And The Delicate Gold Engraved Details

“Elite” is the first product line of designer Richard Le Sand at Hanoia. Featuring a great combination of brass and wood and an antique scratching effect, “Elite” represents a luxurious, elegant yet relaxing lifestyle.

Mouse Sculpture
The sculpture of a mouse embracing a grain of rice is the happy and prosperous symbol of the year of the rat 2020. Mischievous look, big ears and curled tail, Hanoia’s mouse sculpture isn’t only smart, agile but also sophisticated and available in various versions.

Inspired by the warmth of family meals, “Belonging” was born as a continuation of the previous “Serene” product line.

“Belonging” adopts a simple but meticulous design, using two types of materials which are closed to Vietnamese people – bamboo and pottery.

The letter H in Hanoia logo remains a great source of inspiration for the whole furniture collection, which presents in the design of every piece.
The unique scratch sanding effect is a particularly difficult lacquer technique of Hanoia, requiring the concentration and the artistic taste of the craftsmen.
Making maximum use of the delicate lines in the design is a great challenge to the workmanship, because behind the softness, the sophistication are the master techniques to ensure at the same time the aesthetics and the solidity of the product.
Lamp & Accessory
Hanoia is pioneering the application of lacquer on new materials, as a premise for its creativity’s development.
The choice of luxurious materials from the world’s leading brands contributes to the elegance of each Hanoia’s piece of art.
The techniques of mother-of-pearl inlay and wood veneer on lacquer were mastered to create unique and spectacular effects.