Art of Jewelry

Hang Dong

Always inspired by iron window grills of ancient houses in Hanoi, “Hang Dong” in 2019 remains elegance and charm at its best, with the signature bracelet set featuring the great combination of lacquer and brass and the multiple choice of new colors.


Eclipse reproduces an amazing natural phenomenon when the sun is obscured by the moon, radiating mystical lights. The two splendid circles and the two impressive colors symbolizing the sun and the moon were intertwined with each other and complemented each other to create a youthful and contemporary touch without being less elegant.


“Kingfisher” was inspired by the most sophisticated Chinese art of jewelry making, which inlaid the feather of kingfisher into jewelry to create splendid and long-lasting colors.

On the polished lacquered brass, the hand-painted kingfisher feather pattern shows its subtle beauty in different colors.


Honoring the beauty of lotus flowers in full bloom, “Blossom” brings a fresh air to Hanoia’s new design using cool skin tones and exquisite hand-painting techniques on the palladium leaf. An elegant, modern and extremely delicate beauty to remember.


Born in 2016, “Rice” in 2020 has seen a change in the use of materials - from silver to brass, to create a warm golden light on the buffalo horn.

The minimalistic shape sublimated by delicate decorative details makes this product line exceptional.


Inspired by the sunrise or sunset on the sea, with the golden sunshine spreading over the blue water and the sky covered with a bright orange, Sundance recalls sweet memories of summer through two main colors – Kyoto orange of Hanoi blue. The exquisite scratch sanding technique helps create thin colored streaks which look like swinging sunshine.