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Inspired by specialized trade guilts of ancient Hanoi, especially the Street of Bronze which was home to souvenirs made of metal for local and international visitors, Hang Dong represents the great combination of lacquered wood and brass. In which, the lacquer side creates an elegant style with bright colours while the brass side features joyful emotions by shiny metal effect. The decorative patterns imitate details of ancient architectural works in Hanoi’s old quarter. The main colours, blue such as Hanoi’s sky, or gold tone like golden pagoda are close to the daily life of Hanoians.

Lacquered bracelet line Heloise expresses feminine beauty through solid but charming shapes featuring soft curves. The contrast between inside and outside colors enhances the young and joyful spirit that defines this line. This color’s scheme can easily combine with Endless or Josephine collection to make a full set.

Endless line has been created to celebrate different shades of love and the arrival of spring. The classic round shape reflects the sweetness of love while the joyful color scheme represents a happy spring. Endless means continuing forever. Let your love last forever with our Endless bracelets.

The tropical monsoon climate of Vietnam makes for a lush greenness of rampant vegetation, in which exotic herbs and spices are the most abundant. Therefore, herbs and spices play an important role in Vietnamese cooking.

Spicy line uses small rattan pieces to reproduce the image of spices seeds, which are naturally sprinkling on lacquer background. The designer takes advantage of a traditional material in Vietnam (rattan) to express a contemporary spirit.

Elsa line is characterized by the application of mother-of-pearl lustre to enhance a simple and uncomplicated beauty. The mother-of-pearl inlay technique is traditionally used to create sophisticated patterns but in this lacquer jewelry line, it translates a modern spirit. The combination with gold leaf gilding for matte finish helps to increase the effect of mother-of-pearl.

The design of this lacquer jewelry line takes its inspiration from Art Déco – a luxury style characterized by rich colors, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation.

Eggshell inlay is the main feature of this collection. Being one of traditional lacquer techniques, it requires skill, meditative attention and an eye for detail in order to achieve consistency and a flow of movement in the pattern. One beautiful aspect of this material is that different people create very different expressions of eggshell as artisan and material work together to make each unique piece.

The contrast between black (lacquer) and white (eggshell) makes the collection chic and elegant.

Inspired by the image of ripening golden rice-field under the sunlight, Rice lacquer jewelry line reflects an excellent combination of silver and horn, based on the contrast of shiny and matte finishes. It is craft with meticulous care, featuring an exquisite look.

In Vietnam, horn from water buffalo is used for hundreds of years to produce artisanal objects. White horn is very unique whose hardness requires the craftsmanship of the artisans.

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