Art of living

Art of living - Through an inspiring journey from Vietnam to the world or vice versa, the Art of Living collection 2017 is considered the incarnation of Vietnam’s Haute Lacquer. It represents the creativity and uniqueness in design; the joy, the freshness and the subtlety through shades of colour; the usefulness in combination with elegant style and the sophisticated craftsmanship of talented artisans. This collection is created for the true passion of travel, and reflects the spirit of Vietnamese culture through genuine expressions of contemporary design.

 Hanoia was first established in 1997 in Binh Duong Province, near Saigon, in the historical lacquer village since the 14th century. With a team of European designers, coming from different backgrounds, educations and journeys of life, Hanoia’s aesthetics form a harmonious blend between West and East, modern and traditional. Loyalty, passion and devotion-to-perfection best describe Hanoia’s craftsmen, who mostly come from two famous lacquerware villages in Vietnam. Their exceptional skills remain an ideal testing ground for technical and esthetic innovations which puts Hanoia at the forefront of lacquer excellence in the world.