Art of Jewelry

Art of Jewelry Spring/Summer 2017 is attractive with either classic, elegant style, or youthful through the choice of fresh colours and lovely shapes. The collections - Tangerines Road, Melody, Perfume’s River express three different tones of emotion but share the same passion for Vietnamese lacquer art as well as the land and people of Vietnam. The bright and splendid colour schemes are inspired by the beautiful spring and summer. The materials such as lacquered wood, brass, gold leaf are harmoniously blended together in unique and impressive designs. Especially, the story behind each product evokes the rich Eastern culture.

Hanoia was first established in 1997 in Binh Duong Province, near Saigon, in the historical lacquer village since the 14th century. With a team of European designers, coming from different backgrounds, educations and journeys of life, Hanoia’s aesthetics form a harmonious blend between West and East, modern and traditional. Loyalty, passion and devotion-to-perfection best describe Hanoia’s craftsmen, who mostly come from two famous lacquerware villages in Vietnam. Their exceptional skills remain an ideal testing ground for technical and esthetic innovations which puts Hanoia at the forefront of lacquer excellence in the world.