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Hanoia Exotic1600x900px

“Exotic” in every stroke

The summer has arrived. In the blazing sunshine, the young artist suddenly remembered the spring roads full of exotic flowers and butterflies. In an...

Hanoia Garden1600x900px

“Garden” at a glance

“Let’s take a bath in the lotus lake The water is so cool and the air filled with lotus fragrance It can’t compare to the beauty of rich people’...


Serene or a peace of life

There are days of light sunshine and coldness, we suddenly feel craving for a peace of life sitting under a certain tree canopy, in the corner of a...


Hanoia’s 2019 collection, where the beauty comes from the simplicity of life

Some old windows grill, ragged walls, or a spring garden’s corner with butterflies, a lagoon covered in lotus flowers, peaceful tea time on an...

1 ben tau dien bo ho ha noi 1978


Photography exhibition PIECES OF LIFE IN HANOI Photographer: Nguyen Huu Bao Time: 9 a.m to 8 p.m – From 11th August to 20th August 2017 Venue: Dong...

Hanoia HanoiaHouse 2016 9000000


Hanoi will appear, through two way views - from outside or inside, with special love and experiences, in the discussion between Jean Noel Poirier and...

1Hanoia Ao Dai House

Hanoia Boutique opens in Ho Chi Minh City

Hanoi July 2, 2017 - The first boutique in Ho Chi Minh City belonging to high-end lacquer producer Hanoia is to officially launched on Monday 3rd...

Hanoia praised by Les Echos

Hanoia praised by Les Echos

Hanoia & Press Club have been praised in a recent news article titled "Vietnam, the awakening of the luxury" by Les Echos, a prestigious economic...


The process of making the lacquerware

The process of making the lacquerware 1- Shape The first step of lacquering is to make shape, either from wood, MDF or fiber-board. The...

225 hanoi culture space no6


When you have developed your own personal style, you will easily overcome cultural barriers and be independent from popular trends and social...

tiffany shop hanoia


Hanoia proudly announces its haute lacquerware products, crafted with meticulous care and endless emotions by Vietnamese talented artisans are now...

lanh my a lacquer silk ntk nguyen cong tri

Hanoia design by Công Trí

Đêm 10/11/2016, NTK Nguyễn Công Trí ra mắt BST sản phẩm thời trang cao cấp trên chất liệu Lãnh Mỹ A tại Pressclub, 12 Lý Đạo Thành, Hà Nội. Trước...

vespa crafted by hanoia

Vespa crafted by Hanoia, a symbol of “East meets West”

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Vespa, Piaggio has coordinated with Hanoia – the leading haute-lacquer house in Vietnam to launch an...

anh Ty nguoi tho ca cua hanoia 1

The foreman of Hanoia

The aesthetic spirit of Hanoia has met the deep emotion which inspired Vespa. From a super-premium scooter, the most talented craftsmen of Hanoia...

1Francois Hollande Imprints of time

The delicacy of Vietnam PM’s gift to President Hollande

“Imprints of time” - This unique lacquer triptych was dedicated to French President François Hollande from the bottom of heart of Hanoi’s artisans.