Hanoia’s 2019 collection, where the beauty comes from the simplicity of life

Hanoia’s 2019 collection, where the beauty comes from the simplicity of life

Some old windows grill, ragged walls, or a spring garden’s corner with butterflies, a lagoon covered in lotus flowers, peaceful tea time on an unacquainted sidewalk…, these were moments of life that had inspired Hanoia’s designers to create their 2019 collection.

If you once wonder what makes the difference of Hanoia’s lacquerware, this brand’s new key visual seems the right answer to your question. You can find in here the stories, some simple pieces of life that inspired Hanoia’s designers to create their 2019 collection, after days of traveling along the S-shaped land to seek new sources of inspirations.

Thinking of Vietnam, people unreservedly refer to iconic images such as Tortoise Tower, Temple of Literature, Ha Long Bay, Thien Mu Pagoda, Ben Thanh Market, etc. But for Hanoia’s designers, Vietnam’s imprints come from every single moment in life. It was an early morning passing by a small street, you encounter a nice teahouse nestled under the green canopy where the old lady sells tea with a gentle smile. It was when following the old tram route from Mo market to the Hoan Kiem lake, you saw so many old buildings and French villas built at the turn of the last century with windows and balconies that still retain their original charm. It was when the afternoon sunbath the pink walls of Tan Dinh church, you found this color so unique and lovely. It was a full moon night in Hoi An ancient town, you admired the splendid beauty of thousand lanterns. Or it was a spring garden’s corner bustling with birds and butterflies, a fragrant lotus lagoon in the middle of summer… Little by little, the breath of life has crept into the heart of the designers to bring out unique creations.

“Echoes” product line was inspired by the charm of iron window grills which once very ubiquitous in Hanoi’s old quarter. “Hang Dong” carry on the story of an old street well-known for sophisticated copper carving. “Serene” combined the best techniques of pottery making of Bat Trang’s porcelain and of bamboo weaving of Vac village to honor the simple but elegant tea habit of Vietnamese people whilst “Garden” kept the memories of fragrant lotus seasons…

There are many other product lines that do not carry Vietnamese symbolic images. But hidden behind their contemporary beauty are stories, memories, everyday pieces of life that were metamorphosed into patterns, shapes, and colors.

These are factors that make Hanoia’s 2019 collection unique and top Hanoia from the crowd under craft lover's eyes.


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