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Through an inspiring journey from Vietnam to the world or vice versa, the Art of Living collections is considered the incarnation of Vietnam’s Haute Lacquerware.

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“Red River” recalls the reddish-orange hue of sunset spreading over the Red River, blended with silver clouds. This charming landscape picture was realized by a special sanding technique on multiple layers of copper dyed silver to reveal multicolored fragments.

Faifo tells the story of the full moon nights in Hoi An ancient town when thousands of lanterns are lit up. The enchanting shape and curves of the lanterns were reproduced in Faifo through two main colors of the Oriental culture – red and black. In particular, when combined with the depth and the gloss of lacquer layers, they have created an impressive visual effect.

Combining the best techniques of pottery making and birdcage making traditions, Hanoia has launched the first ever tea set made of Bat Trang’s porcelain, Vac village’s bamboo and brass. Serene represents the purity and the tranquility of mind and complements the tea products of the previous season to create a perfect tea time by Hanoia.

In 2019, “Garden” brings you to a blooming lotus pond nearby Hanoi or in Dong Thap province. The use of the two different hand-painting techniques results in near-far effect and emphasises the lotus flower on the silky lacquer.

Exotic is the main product line of the Tet season in 2019. The exquisite hand-painting technique has successfully illustrated a spring garden filled with colorful butterflies flying around lily flowers.

“Mountain” is truly mature in 2019, with a happy marriage of lacquer and stone to create harmonious and outstanding pieces. This product line brings to your home a touch of sweet romance or strong elegance.

Inspired by Yin-Yang pigs in Dong Ho paintings, Hanoia’s designer team have created cute chubby pig sculptures with soft curves, representing a Year of the Pig full of wealth and prosperity.

“Blue moon” recalls the miracle of moonlight in the night sky. The scratch sanding technique to unveil the silver leaf on the sapphire blue lacquer background has remarkable color arrays. Therefore, each product is unique depending on the eyes, hands and feelings of the craftsmen.

The Mystery 2019 line was specially designed for men, featuring the powerful image of the dragon. This pattern, either painted on lacquer, or engraved and colored in gold, has become the main highlight of these products. Mystery includes vase, candy box, tea box, macaron box and astray.

“Echoes”, inspired by the charm of iron window grills which used to be popular in Hanoi’s old quarter, is the most elegant product line of 2019’s collection. It boasts a traditional yet contemporary beauty thanks to the new technique of inlaying brass into lacquered wood. 

What’s about the Hypnotic circles of Hanoia, which will impress lovers of Vietnamese lacquerware with the unique hypnotizing visual effect? Come to discover the Hypnotic line of Hanoia!

Continuing the inspiration from the contemporary art represented by abstract painters, the 2019 Color line features two main hues: the warm and the cool.

In addition to the products of the previous season, such as triptych, round tray, tea box, macaron box…, the 2019 Color line has been completed with the wine tool set, 2-compartment box, small round box and the unique monochrome round trays which can be displayed on the brass legs to create an elegant touch in the living room as distinctive coffee tables.

Inspired by the image of peach flowers, this collection is created to celebrate Vietnamese Lunar New Year – the most important traditional holiday in Vietnam. It highlights deep red color, which represents good luck, good health and good fortune to the New Year. Springtime includes vases, tea boxes, macaron boxes, candy boxes and dog sculptures.

Exclusively created for women, this lacquer-ware line praises the rose fetish which is highly appreciated in Asia. The scratch sanding technique results in a wonderful fading effect which makes the lacquer as smooth as silk. Silky Pink includes round boxes, tea boxes and macaron boxes.

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