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From Monument, Heritage to Canopy, the collection uses traditional lacquer know-how and new techniques to express the history, the culture and the ancient lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

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Monument is characterized by unique talents of Elizabeth de Roquefeuil, Hanoia’s Art Director and her team in which the graphic design has approached and interacted.

The engraved patterns on the products are inspired by famous architectural works or cultural tourist destinations in Vietnam.

This product line is various, ranging from useful items to purely decorative objects. The main colour schemes representing Vietnam’s symbols - blue, red - are combined with bright grey to match with contemporary interior design.    

Heritage features an attachement for tradition through the use of new lacquer techniques and the design of new shapes and patterns which are inspired by ancient cultural values.

That is the technique of lacquering metal with Betel box “Heritage” as the typical example. 

The unique shape of tea box imitates the bamboo basket containing glutinous rice of the ethnic people or the amazing form of the candle holder with reminiscences of the traditional fishing coils along Vietnam’s coastal line.

The engraved pattern, a stylized ancient Chinese character also reflects an old cultural value. The colour schemes, ranging from red, dark purple to blue and grey, contribute to enhance a unique “antique” spirit.

Canopy is inspired by the beautiful nature that still exists in Hanoi.

The leafy boulevards with thousands of old trees prettify the capital city as an attractive destination for local residents and tourists, inspiring creativity of generations of artists.

The main feature of the Canopy is the classic shape which simulates traditional legged trays that Vietnamese High Society used to serve tea or to present offerings in a formal manner.

Canopy also highlights the art of the table, through a signature item – salt and pepper set that found its foothold in Western Culture where these two spices are considered indispensable on every dining table. The choice of different shades of colour: green, red, orange and bright grey also evokes the existence of the nature in the city.

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