Color is inspired by the Contemporary Art with deep influences of famous abstract painters in the world. Despite reminiscences from the past, which remain in minor details such as the base of the tray or the shape of the vase, Color is characterized by current trends towards Contemporary design.

There are beauty accessories for elegant women such as make-up pot and tray; decorative items like vase, mini-table, candle holder, stool; tea box collection with different color shades that follow the seasons; and especially the set of round plates and chopsticks for Vietnamese culinary experience.

The sweet and joyful colours and the glossy, velvety lacquer have made the charm of this product line.

Waterfall enhances a symbol of the Vietnamese daily life.

This is the Koi, or the red carp which embodies the love and the mature. Legend has it that each carp would swim up the Yellow River upstream to spawn, and those who can leap the waterfall at the dragon’s gate were transformed into dragons.

Today, red carp is highly appreciated in the modern world because it is told to bring prosperity and good luck to members of the family. The unique feature of Waterfall is the sculpture of the koi, the figurative approach as well as the deep water effect on the lacquer. Waterfall can be considered a perfect gift for contemporary office spaces with sophisticated interior design.

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