Through an inspiring journey from Vietnam to the world or vice versa, the Art of Living collections is considered the incarnation of Vietnam’s Haute Lacquerware.

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From Monument, Heritage to Canopy, the collection uses traditional lacquer know-how and new techniques to express the history, the culture and the ancient lifestyle of Vietnamese people.

Offer me has used bright and vivid colour schemes to express joyful emotions. The contrast of shiny and matte finishes enhances the sensation of depth and clarity of lacquer.

The engraved pattern, inspired by ancient cement tile is somehow abstract but still creates awareness.

Especially, along with the implication of its purely decorative function, this collection looks towards the practical value of the products. They are close to the daily life and convenient for traveling.

Collect me represents the creativity and uniqueness of Hanoia’s lacquer in a luxury spirit.

That is the Art of the eggshell inlay in combination with the use of splendid colours, inspired by the beauty of the rainbow, or the technique to create gold rain effect.

That is the image of imposing cock rooster, symbol of the Lunar New Year 2017 which appears in almost Tet products. These joyful nuances have expressed a strong and modern spirit, which is considered good luck for the New Year.

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