Perfume’s River

Sweet colours, cute fruity and floral shapes such as star anise, purple mangosteen or frangipane flower… represent the quintessence of graphic arts and the craftsmanship of the artisans. Perfume’s River has been designed with...

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From both angles of daily life and spirit, Fruity looks unique and sensational.

Three sets: star anise, pomegranate and purple mangosteen are all fresh, lovely and tasty.

The star anise set is considered the signature product which reflects the perfect colouring technique of the artisans.

The pomegranate set is designed with a modern touch and adorned with elegant silver threads.

The purple mangosteen set imitates the shape of this fruit in full or without skin, is combined with decorative silver patterns to bring an elegant look to the products.

Fruity is imbued with Oriental charm through the image of three specific tropical fruits.

Splendid and joyful, Hoa is inspired by the creative dynamism in the art of colour. Flower plays an important role in the Vietnamese culture. It represents the beauty, the love, the youth, the brightness, the nature. Hoa imitates petals of frangipane swinging on the wind. The contrast of shades of colour: red/skin pink and bright yellow/grey creates movement effect, which brings a lively look to the products

Silky is characterized by the use of the graphic arts, which requires the craftsmanship of the artisans in creating colour’s effects. Layers of lacquer are covered one after another. Through sanding process, the graphic patterns will appear in a subtle way. The main colours of Silky are bright and opaque, which are harmoniously combined to create a unique style.

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