Melody enchantes stylish women by its classic charm but also eye-catching colours and sophisticated designs. The collection is highlighted by the use of difficult lacquer techniques, such as the colour’s effect, the lacquer on white horn, the...

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Joséphine used to be a “classic” collection of Hanoia, inspired by artist-dancer Joséphine Baker, who became widely popular in France during the 1920s-1930s. She was known for her energetic dance movement as well as her bold, glam and completely revolutionary sense of fashion style. Joséphine is characterized by the use of colour’s effects to express joyfull emotions of Spring and Summer 2017. Featuring 15 shades of colour from dark to bright, this product line has proved the craftsmanshipof Hanoia’s artisans in studying and testing new colour’s ranges. The colour library remains one ofthe key signatures of Hanoia.

Legend has it that each carp would swim up the Yellow River upstream to spawn, and those who can leap the waterfall at the dragon’s gate were transformed into dragons. Today, red carp is highly appreciated in the modern world because it is told to bring prosperity and good luck to members of the family. Koi is characterized by the unique spiral shape and the combination of two shades of colour, which evokes the image of fish wiggling violently in swift flowing water. The shiny effect and the architectural form enhance the dynamic style of the products.

The straw colour evokes the image of ripening golden rice-field under the sunlight. Rice reflects an excellent combination of silver and horn, based on the contrast of shiny and matte finishes. The earrings are craft with meticulous care, with the inside ring made of silver featuring an exquisite look. White horn is a unique material of Vietnam. Its hardness requires the craftsmanship of the artisans.

Mosaïc features the art of eggshell inlay on lacquer. This is a difficult technique that only talented artisans can be in charge of. This line is characterized by the elegant Art Deco style, originated in Europe in 1910s with considerable influence on art and design. Art Deco highlights the symmetry of shape, the order of colours and the use of geometric patterns.

The main feature of Julie is gold leaf lacquer, having a history that dates back thousands of years. The skills and techniques require special care, focus and craftsmanship because with a thinnes of only 0.1 micron, the gold leaf is the result of a truly exquisite work of art.

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