Featuring Hàng Đồng, Meltic and Precious Charm, Tangerines Road is designed for inspiring trips to discover the Vietnamese culture through decorative patterns inspired by the Vietnamese women and symbolic architectural works as well as elegant materials such as brass, lacquer and silver


Melody enchantes stylish women by its classic charm but also eye-catching colours and sophisticated designs. The collection is highlighted by the use of difficult lacquer techniques, such as the colour’s effect, the lacquer on white horn, the combination of silver and horn, or lacquer and moon gold and the art of eggshell inlay… 


Sweet colours, cute fruity and floral shapes such as star anise, purple mangosteen or frangipane flower… represent the quintessence of graphic arts and the craftsmanship of the artisans. Perfume’s River has been designed with creativity and personality which attracts stylish women

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